Eight days into the new year and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. It’s easy, when you’re swept up in the frenzy of the holidays, to idealize how things are going to go “after the first of the year,” to imagine the fresh start awaiting you and all you’re going to accomplish.

But whether we resolve to eat less and exercise more or to read more and work less, there are people and tasks vying for our attention and, all of a sudden, it becomes difficult to keep all of the balls up in the air.

“Momentum” is the word I’ve chosen to guide me this year and it has already helped me come to an important realization. When it comes to making changes in my life, it may very well be one or two small choices I make during the course of each day that ultimately make the biggest difference in the long run.

Because choices and behaviors, both good and bad, set their own trajectories, ultimately leading to others just like them.

For me, it is the simple act of turning off the TV that is setting the tone for my year. Besides the time I’ve freed up for worthier pursuits, I find I’m getting to bed earlier which means I get up earlier. An earlier morning means I’m more likely to start my day with exercise and so on.

And, as far as the balls I have up in the air, I’ve gone ahead and thrown up one more. I’ve launched a daily photoblog.

My purpose for this new project is twofold. Because of the sometimes confessional nature of this blog, and the one that preceded it, I’ve chosen to keep my writing a secret from the people in my real life. But photography is becoming more and more of a passion and I want to be able to share it with family and friends. The photoblog allows me to come out of the shadows a bit.

I also welcome the self-imposed pressure. It’s not quite a 365 project as I’m starting out with, and will occasionally return to, my archives but I have no doubt the discipline of daily posts will provide plenty of opportunity for growth and improvement.

I’ll continue to post here but I can already feel my focus shifting. Pop on over when you get the chance.

Wishing you all many positive changes in 2010.

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