From one extreme to the other

It’s been a lovely Thanksgiving weekend here in the desert. A dear friend came for a visit and we have made the most of our time together, getting out, as we have, to do a little exploring.

Friday was spent at the Living Desert, a botanical garden and zoo in the Coachella Valley. I had been once before but that was during the extreme dog days of summer and the exhibit I was most interested in was closed. On this sunny and mild fall afternoon, however, the butterfly enclosure was the highlight of the day just as I knew it would be.

On Saturday morning, we woke to rain which was quite a surprise as I’ve been told not to expect much of it here. There was even a moment when we thought the change in the weather might thwart our plans for the day. But our ride on the spectacular Palm Springs Aerial Tramway instead took on an almost magical quality because, waiting up there in the San Jacinto Mountains, just 10 minutes or so above the desert floor, was the pristine, frosty goodness of the first snow of the season.

The disparate beauty of these two days reminding me of the truth at the core of two of my most frequently-invoked beliefs: life can turn on a dime and change is good. Very good, indeed.

Lots of photos still left to sift through. Will revisit and post a few when I participate in Darlene’s December Views. I’m so looking forward to it!

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