Making Lemonade

Things were tense. My house guest (a dear friend who also happens to be my ex-boyfriend) had already been staying with me for several days. His plans for the day (to install insulation and drywall at his new house with the much-needed help of some handier friends) had fallen through. No progress was to be made that day. Or the next. Something about a football game. The afternoon stretched out before us. I was not amused. 

How best to salvage what had turned out to be a spectacularly beautiful day? Put the top down on the car and hit the road of course! 


We left Pasadena on the spur of the moment and headed north on Highway 101 towards Santa Barbara. But we had gotten a late start and were losing light and so we decided instead to stop in the less glamorous but equally lovely seaside town of Ventura.


I’ve actually always preferred the beach at this time of year. I don’t like summer crowds and, besides, I kind of enjoy bundling up against a bracing, coastal winter wind. Not that layers were necessary this time. It was in fact downright balmy, and we had timed our arrival perfectly, pulling into town well before sunset.


After a while, we decided to head for the hills…


…before making our way back for a bite to eat and an after-dinner stroll through historic downtown Ventura.


It was a perfect day.

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